It's done - 5787k in 84 days...


Thanks for all your support.

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I am doing this with a couple of friends who are splitting the ride with me. One is going to do the first 6 weeks and the other the second.  Annette, who is riding the first leg  is super organised, brilliant at Navigation and technically superior all round . I have every confidence that I can get from a to b on this stretch without going round in circles and having learnt a few skills along the way.  Amy, who is on the second leg is also a good mechanic but like me, less organised and navigationally challenged; this could be ‘ interesting’ but she’s Irish too so I expect she wont care about getting lost. If we make the flight out of the US on the 9th of August it will be a miracle


I am not too sure why I am doing this. It seemed like a good idea at the time having read a book about someone doing it for 6 months on their own and I thought “ why not?”. I can ride a bike ok, I am fairly fit and ‘ other people’ always seem to be doing cool things so I thought I would have a go . In the meantime, through Annette, I have been introduced to a great charity that helps younger people with cancer and also focusses on the important of exercise during and after a cancer diagnosis.  Having had breast cancer in 2021 and being a bit of an exercise addict I can really relate to this charity ( apart from the bit about being young)  and therefore I am hoping to raise a bit of money for them by doing this trip.


My husband Adam has set up this website which we’ll update with blogs and photos to keep a bit of enthusiasm and motivation going ,  but also to keep me motivated when at some point I have a meltdown about my grey roots and unshaven legs

How you can help

The Route

The route will take me from the start line in Santa Monica, California some 5300 km to the finish line in Yorktown, Virgina

Support us

I will be raising money for  charity. I  hope  to raise as many £'s as there are km's.

So the target is £5300!

Follow the action

I hope to send videos and pictures along the route and Adam my husband will be uploading them here...

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